August 5, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

Even though I've been a realtor for production builders in this market for many years, I had no idea who to turn to when I needed work done on my own home. I looked at ads in "the local papers & The Yellow Pages, and I asked around: "Who is a good custom builder that is customer oriented and has good pricing?"

Out of the ten builders I called, only seven even called me back. Peter Matzen was the first to return my call. He told me then: "I can build whatever you need for less." Given my very tight budget I thought that if he would add an additional room onto my house and do a good job at the best price, it would be a no-brainer.

I asked all seven builders for bids and this time only four of them responded. Peter's was the first bid to come back. Since the other three bids were considerably more expensive, my only real concern then was: "Does this guy have any experience? Does he know what he is doing?" While spending some time on the Matzen Construction website, I learned of Peter's long history of building accomplishments in both commercial and residential construction, and I was convinced that I had the right guy. He proved that to me over and over again during my build.

Peter called me every day to tell me what was going on; he worked with me to keep my expenses to a minimum and he made extremely helpful building suggestions along the way. To say that my wife and I are pleased with the results is an understatement. Working with Peter has been more than a pleasure; it helped us refocus on just what excellent customer service is all about. Peter delivers high quality construction at a surprisingly low cost; he keeps the customer in the loop every step of the way, and he supervises his trades like a hawk. Peter doesn't miss anything.

Please call me, let me brag about this guy I now call my friend. He is the best.

Best Regards

Hugh & Carla Haller
St Augustine, FL
(904) 347-1199

Regarding our new front porch:

My wife and I recently decided to have a front porch addition built to our Mobile home. We chose Matzen Construction Inc. and Peter N. Matzen to have our dream constructed from design to completion. We are so glad we made that choice. We are very pleased, as a matter of fact, it turned out much better than we expected. I would absolutely recommend Peter and his company to anyone who is interested in any construction work.

Pat Beauchamp, August 2 2008


To Whom It May Concern,

As of the first of this year I began strategizing a new addition to our home. My new room; “My Garage”. I started by seeking out all the reputable builder/contractors in St. Augustine who could effectively handle this master project.

After months of negotiation and getting to know these potential suitors I chose Matzen Construction headed by Peter Matzen. I felt that of all available contractors Peter most exemplified the type of individual I wanted to work with thru the entire construction process from beginning to end.

First, Peter's word is his bond, a must for my project. He is totally up front and honest, with a passion for his business that leaves no stone unturned. His professionalism and follow up were the key factors in getting this project done “on time and under budget”! I'm sure these key characteristics will appeal to anyone who has had a home project go awry.

I could go on and on about my wonderful experience with Matzen Construction, but more financial information needs to be covered. Matzen Construction saved me 40-50% off the original estimates I had received in my initial bidding out process. And yes, my final cost was under our agreed upon target with Matzen Construction!!

I would highly recommend Peter and his Company to anyone with a construction need, be it a major or minor one. I'm sure your experience will be even better!!!!

Joe Petrone
3 Radio Rd.
St. Augustine, Florida