To Matzen Construction Inc.
We are located in the St Augustine, Florida area continuing the quality and craftsmanship which distinguished us from other construction companies since our beginning.Matzen Construction Inc. was founded in 1952. While enjoying a stellar reputation for excellence we have developed custom homes and commercial buildings since that time. Our construction sites spanned from small additions to over 300,000 square feet buildings in all types of construction. Matzen Construction Inc. with a trained and experienced workforce is fully committed to being a reliable general contractor, construction manager or construction consultant for any type of construction job large or small. 


Quality and Timely Construction

Our portfolio includes construction projects as diverse as houses, office buildings,airport facilities, food service, storage, distribution centers, churches and many more. Matzen Construction Inc. also performs complete interior or exterior renovations, provides facility maintenance and our
Pre-engineered metal buildings.Our value is in the quality and craftsmanship of our construction. We consistently use the best skilled labor and quality materials on a timely schedule to meet your needs.